Western Canada Clubs


President: Ronan Deane

Secretary: Rory Lynch



Vancouver Irish Sporting and Social Club

President: Pat Lowney

Secretary: Sean Twomey



Edmonton Wolfe Tones

President: Brian Daly

Secretary: Liam Kelly



Calgary Chieftains

President: Barry Sinclair

Secretary: Eamon O'Keefe



Red Deer Eire Ogs

President: Blaine Lavery

Secretary: Darren Lavery



The Western Canada Divisional Board (WCDB) is dedicated to improving the standard of competition and to providing as many games as possible for its member clubs. In British Columbia, there are two teams— the Vancouver Harps and the Vancouver Celts (both of which are members of the Vancouver Irish Sporting and Social Club, ISSC). In Alberta there are three clubs, the Calgary Chieftains, Red Deer Eire Ogs and Edmonton Wolfe Tones.

The WCDB is made up of representatives from each of the member clubs. The eight-person board consists of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and five members at large. Chair: Ronan Deane (Vancouver Harps) Secretary: Rory Lynch (Red Deer) Treasurer: Kim Budd (Edmonton) Members at Large: Brian Daly (Edmonton), Eamonn O'Keefe (Calgary), Barry Sinclair (Calgary), Cathal O'Loughlin (Vancouver Celts) and Jerry McCarthy (Vancouver Harps).

Calgary Chieftains:
The men and lady Chieftains attend tournaments in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Red Deer and Seattle. They host the annual Calgary Gaelic Football Tournament and have a firm relationship with the Calgary Kangaroos Aussie Rules team.
Honours: Men’s Western Canada Champions - 2004 and 2007; Men's Northwest Champions 1989 and 1990; Men's Northwest Divisional NACB Champions 1983 Website: www.calgary.gaa.ie

Edmonton Wolfe Tones:
In Edmonton, they pride themselves on the development and promotion of Gaelic football and the Irish culture in their city. Men and women’s select sides compete in the Western Canada Divisional Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association (G.A.A.)
Honours: Ladies Western Canadian Champions 2004, 2005 and 2006; Men's Northwest Champions 1991, Western Canadian Champions 2009
Website: www.edmontongaa.com

Red Deer Eire Og

Lying as it does smack bang in the middle of two hot-beds of Alberta Gaelic Football, Red Deer is a prime location for the development of the games. If you're in the region, and interested in Gaelic Football, contact Blaine Lavery blainelavery@gmail.com or Darren Lavery dlavery@caits.ca

Website: www.reddeergaa.ca

Vancouver Harps (ISSC):
The club competes in Ladies and Men’s Gaelic Football and plays competitive hurling each year against the Seattle Gaels. The club promotes the games to youth and interested Canadians. With the mild West Coast winter's Vancouverites can enjoy Gaelic Football all year round, with a Seven's Mixed (6 Team) League in the run-up to St. Patrick's Day each year.
Honours: Men’s Western Canadian Champions 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010; Ladies' Western Canadian Champions 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010; Men's Northwest Champions 1987 and 1988; Men's Northwest Divisional NACB Champions 1984 and 1985
Website:  www.harps.isscvancouver.com 

Vancouver Celts (ISSC):
The club competes in Men’s Gaelic Football. The club promotes the games to youth and interested Canadians. During the spring of 2008, it became apparent that due to increased numbers of Irish traveling to Vancouver coupled with the growing popularity of Gaelic Football among the Australian and Canadian communities that a second club was required within Vancouver. The Celts have already become a force, retaining the Vancouver Tournament title in 2009.