Toronto Division and Honours

Toronto Division

The Toronto Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is a non profit organization formed in 1947 to promote and administer the sport of Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie. It is the governing body for the games for men, women and youth in the greater Toronto area. These clubs participate in a league and championship competition along with different optional memorial tournaments throughout the year. The season generally starts at the end of May and runs through to September. The majority matches are held in Centennial Park in Etobicoke.

The 2017 Toronto Executive:
Chair - Sean Egan
Vice Chair - Eddie Moley
Recording Secretary - Daniel Kirby
Corresponding Secretary - Tracey Lyng (
Treasurer - Peter Byrne
Committee Members: Padhraic Shevlin (Registrar); Andrea Ignas , Evan Ryan
PRO - 



Toronto Camogie Club 

Chair: Caitriona Mulkeirns
Secretary: - Maria Dalton

Na Piarsaigh CLG Toronto 
Chair: Daniel Kirby
Secretary: Eoin Grant

 Roger Casements
President: Dermot Sheridan
Secretary: Annemarie McSorley

Durham Robert Emmet's GFC

President: Gráinne Sheelan
Secretary: Tracey Lyng

St. Michael's Hurling and Football Club
President: Siobhan O'Muiri
Secretary: Anneli Kelly

St. Pat's Canadians GFC
President: Ray McIlroy
Correspondence Secretary: Peter Byrne

St. Vincent's GFC
President: Tomas Nugent
Secretary: Gabriel Hurl

Toronto Gaels 
President: Dara Healy
Secretary: Sean O'Molloy

The Chieftains
Eamonn Gallagher / Noreen McCann :

Toronto Men’s Football Champion             Men’s Football League Winner

2016    St. Mike's                                            St. Vincent's

2015    Durham                                              St. Mikes

2014    St. Mike's                                            St. Mike's

2013    St. Vincent's                                       St. Vincent's

2012    St. Vincent's                                       St. Mike's

2011    St. Mike's                                           St. Mike's

2010    St. Mike's                                           St.Vincent's

2009    St. Vincent's                                        Durham          

2008    St. Mike’s                                            Durham

2007    St. Vincent’s                                       Durham

2006    St. Mike’s                                            St. Mike’s

2005    Durham                                               St. Mike’s

2004    St. Mike’s                                            St. Mike’s

2003    St. Vincent’s                                       Durham

2002    St. Vincent’s                                       St. Mike’s

2001    St. Mike’s                                            St. Mike’s

2000    St. Mike’s                                            St. Vincent’s

1999    St. Mike’s                                            Toronto Gaels

1998    St. Mike’s                                            St. Mike’s

1997    St. Mike’s                                            St. Mike’s

1996    St. Mike’s                                            St. Mike’s

1995    St. Mike’s                                            St. Mike’s

1994    Toronto Gaels                                      Toronto Gaels

1993    Durham                                               Durham

1992    St. Vincent’s                                       Ottawa

1991    St. Vincent’s   `                                   St. Mike’s/Clan Na nGael

1990    Toronto Gaels                                     St. Mike’s

1989    Clan Na nGael                                    Toronto Gaels

1988    Clan Na nGael                                    Toronto Gaels

1987    St. Pat’s                                               Toronto Gaels

1986    St. Mike’s                                            Clan Na nGael

1985    St. Pat’s                                               St. Mike’s

1984    St. Mike’s                                            St. Vincent’s

1983    St. Vincent’s                                       St. Vincent’s

1982    Clan Na nGael                                    St. Vincent’s

1981    Clan Na nGael                                    St. Vincent’s

1980    Clan Na nGael                                    St. Mike’s

1979    St. Mike’s                                                         

1978    Garryowen                                          St. Mike’s

1977    St. Mike’s                                            St. Mike’s

1976    St. Mike’s

1975    Garryowen

1974    St. Mike’s                                            Clan Na nGael

1973    St. Mike’s

1972    Garryowen

1971    Garryowen

1970    Clan Na nGael

1969    Garryowen                                          Clan Na nGael

1968    Garryowen

1967    Garryowen

1966    Clan Na nGael                                    Clan Na nGael

1965    Garryowen                                          Clan Na nGael

1964    Garryowen

1963    Clan Na nGael                                    Clan Na nGael

1962    Clan Na nGael                                    Clan Na nGael
Toronto Ladies’ Football Champion           Ladies’ Football League Winner
2016    St. Mikes                                             Durham
2015    St.Mikes                                              Durham
2014    Durham                                               St. Mikes
2013    Durham                                               Durham
2012    St. Mikes                                             Durham
2011    Durham                                               St. Mikes
2010    St. Mikes                                            St. Mikes

2009    St. Mikes                                            St. Mikes

2008    Ottawa                                                Ottawa

2007    Ottawa                                                Durham

2006    Ottawa                                                Ottawa

2005    Michael Cusacks                                 Michael Cusacks

2004    Ottawa                                                Ottawa

2003    Michael Cusacks                                 Michael Cusacks

2002    Ottawa                                                Ottawa

2001    Ottawa                                                Ottawa

2000    Durham                                               Ottawa & Michael Cusacks

1999    Ottawa                                                Durham

1998    Durham                                               Durham

1997    Durham                                               Le Cheile

1996    Le Cheile                                             Le Cheile

1995    Le Cheile                                             Le Cheile

1994    Le Cheile                                             Ottawa Gaels

1993    Le Cheile                                             Michael Cusacks

1992    Le Cheile                                             Le Cheile

1991    Le Cheile                                             Le Cheile

1990    Le Cheile                                             Le Cheile

1989    Le Cheile                                             Irish Canadians

1988    Le Cheile                                             Irish Canadians

Owen Nolan Sr. Tournament Men’s

 2002   St. Mike’s        2001    St. Mike’s

 2000   St. Mike’s        1999    St. Mike’s

 1998   St. Vincent’s   1997    St. Mike’s

 1996   Durham           1995    St. Mike’s

 1994   St. Pat’s           1993    Durham

Denis Leyne Memorial Tournament

               Men                                     Ladies

2007       St. Mike’s “A”         Durham

2006       St. Vincent’s            Michael Cusacks                                            

2005       St. Vincent’s            Michael Cusacks

2004       St. Mike’s                St. Mike’s

2003       n/a                            n/a

2002       Toronto Gaels          Durham

2001       St. Mike’s                Durham

2000       St. Mike’s

1999       St. Mike’s

1998       St. Mike’s

1997       Durham                    St. Anne’s, Detroit

1996       St. Mike’s                Durham

1995       St. Mike’s

North American County Board Junior A Hurling Champion

                                                                                                                       2013 Toronto

North American County Board Senior Camogie Champion

2012 Toronto

North American County Board Intermediate Camogie Champion

2014 Toronto 

  North American County Board Senior Hurling Champions

1961 Montreal Shamrocks                  1965 Toronto Garryowen                        

1970 Toronto Garryowen                   1975 Toronto St. Mike’s                     

1978  Toronto's St. Mikes/St. Pats